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2020 Report

EdTrends: Trends in

Idaho Public Education

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Idaho’s fall number: 312,000 — up 4,700 students or 1.6 percent. A third of the growth goes to charter schools.


Lawmakers have increased funding for K-12 public education at least $100 million in each of the past five years. Schools divided $2 billion in state tax dollars this year.

Reading Scores

Only 64 percent of kindergartners ended the school year reading at grade level. Reading scores improved for first, second and third graders. But still, 25 percent of Idaho's youngest students are not able to read at their grade level.

College Entrance Exam

Idaho’s class of 2019 was less prepared for college and the workforce than graduates from the previous year. While the numbers dipped only slightly, they mark the second year in a row of declining performance on the test.

Idaho's Own Goals

Idaho has been unable to reach yearly targets or long-term achievement goals in Math, English, reading and graduation rates.

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